Curiosity is a design strategy firm dedicated to helping businesses, NGOs, and government create meaningful services by drawing upon local insight.

We understand that decision-makers may want to learn more about the everyday realities of the people they serve, but could be constrained by the day-to-day challenges of running their organizations. Resources might therefore be underutilized, even with the best intentions.

Curiosity bridges the worlds of decision-makers and users to create relevance and optimize resources. By participating in people’s daily activities, we can help decision-makers create services that enrich the human experience, by gaining local insight on: people's systems of beliefs, values, and practices; social networks; rules of engagement; and artifacts and materials.

We challenge armchair assumptions about how people view the world and live their lives. We ask the right questions to strike a balance between possibility with practicality, bridging what users value with what our clients can deliver.


Our Team: Global Outlook, Local Insight

We bring more than 60 years of combined experience working with MNCs, local companies, NGOs, universities, and governments within Asia, North America, and Europe.



Design & Business Anthropologist, Communication Strategist, and Human Rights Advocate


Business Innovator, Design Manager, University Lecturer


High-Level Corporate Strategist, Business Process Analyst, Customer Insights Specialist 


Interaction Designer, Movement Researcher, Multimedia Artist